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Thank you for joining me here.. I am a music maker and love sharing the artists I work with and meet in my adventurous life. I make short movies while traveling festivals around the country. I'm also into cooking and making jewelry and Mosaic art... I hope you will enjoy what I share...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It was the eve of 2009

Hello everyone,
Here are moments from a special evening where Aryeh & I played some music for a very sweet party on New Years eve. It took place just outside of San Diego at my friend Gary Stadlers home. (You may know his wonderful music Fairy Heartsongs, Heart magic and more..I get to play harp on some of his music). We did a little variety show and I took some various images from that as well as a laser light show that was done outside. The lasers are indescribable. No video or picture could possibly do justice, but I edited in some of those images too. The way we saw it, was facing a forest of trees and the lights were as big as a house. We were literally standing in the middle of it and all the lights and colors surrounded everybody. It was like a dream, of being in the middle of a solar system. The gathering was filled with very special artists, many who create magical events at burning man. The dancer is Danielle Bibeau, the light show by Randy Johnson. The song featured here is from the CD "Two Worlds One" called "Walk with Me". I hope you enjoy this.