Welcome to my personal diary..

Thank you for joining me here.. I am a music maker and love sharing the artists I work with and meet in my adventurous life. I make short movies while traveling festivals around the country. I'm also into cooking and making jewelry and Mosaic art... I hope you will enjoy what I share...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A visit to a Mosaic house...

When I'm not doing music, I'm doing mosiacs.. one of my favorite artists is Laurel Skye. She has a very unique home in Arcata, CA, where she teaches and shares. Its astounding what she has done. Here is a video of that special place..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A favorite old tune in concert...

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to share a tune that I grew up playing. We wanted a fun song to end a recent concert so we worked up "Country Road" by John Denver. It was fun to put down our harps and
strings and complex instruments and just bang out some guitar and mandolin for a bit.

I always loved this song and it reminds me so much of my father, we used to go on camping trips all through my growing up years, and at the campfire, my dad always wanted me to play this song. I played guitar when I was a kid, and he loved to hear me play and sing this. We didn't realize what a sing a long it would turn out to be!