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Monday, June 11, 2007

Video - Lisa Lynne plays Celtic harp for Luminaria walk

Greetings friends.

On Saturday June 9, 2007 I played as I do each year for the American Cancer Society Luminaria Walk. It is part of an all day "Relay for Life" event at Santa Anita Racetrack. This is just one local group putting on this weekend event, as part of the whole nation of souls working towards the fight against Cancer.

All day the groups, people of all ages, many children circle the racetrack on foot. The entire track is lined with hand colored bags honoring their loved ones who are in
the fight or have passed from this disease.After the day is done, they bring all the
champion children to the stage and announce their earnings and give them prizes and crowns. Its the sweetist thing you will ever see.

Then my part happens. I start to play the harp, there are hundres of candles waiting in buckets to be lit, and the woman asks the audience, "Who here has a mother or a father who is dealing with cancer, many people come forward to get their candle lit. "Who has a brother or a sister, a friend or colleage, and so on, and before long every single person has come forward and stands with their candle.
Then they all prey together, and do the final walk around the racetrack in prayer and meditation.

Here are some images caught from that, that I have edited together as best I can.
The music is from my solo harp CD titled "Quiet Heart" The song is called "Walk with me" I hope you will feel what I felt when it was happening.

All the best... take care of yourselves and your loved ones.
Lisa Lynne