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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Video - Table for Three

Hi there,

I am just starting to go through the videos taken of performances we did on the Northwest tour I did this summer with Aryeh Frankfurter. One of our stops was in Eugene Oregon. We performed at the Eugene Hotel, a really cool and funky place where senior residence live, and they host concerts to the public in the heart of Eugene, which is a special town south of Portland.

Our host for the evening is David Helfand, a well known harper and recording artist in his own right. He's a magical musician and we enjoyed the time with him.

When I host concerts at City of Hope, my favorite part is getting to have the performers stay at my house, and getting to play with them also. So we were happy to play some of Davids music with him in the unique setting of a closed restaurant after hours.

It was late at night after the concert, we were exhausted, but that never stops the music from flowing. Sitting there improvising with our instruments with all those empty tables and chairs was surreal and dreamlike. This is a piece written by David, (you can check out his website at www.DavidHelfand.com) Aryeh Frankfurter, also a harper extraordinaire (www.lionharp.com) is playing viola, and I am playing my octave mandolin.

So here you go..