Welcome to my personal diary..

Thank you for joining me here.. I am a music maker and love sharing the artists I work with and meet in my adventurous life. I make short movies while traveling festivals around the country. I'm also into cooking and making jewelry and Mosaic art... I hope you will enjoy what I share...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Harps & Faeries

Hi Everyone, Earlier this month I took 15 harps up to Eugene,Oregon for the Faerie Worlds festival. I wanted to give anyone a chance to learn to play on my harps and it was a wonderful time. We stayed on an organic farm nearby with dear friends and my mom came along to help out too. I had people sign up for the time slots and I handed out the harps to anyone who wanted to try. We play glissandos, and scales,some simple songs and even rounds. People love the experience and are quite amazed how easier it was than they thought. I really love doing this because the people areso happy and inspired by it. I would like to think I will have contributed quite a lot of harp players in the world by the time I'm done! The music on this video is from my CDs called "Fairie Tales" and "Maiden's Prayer" George Tortorelli plays flutes on the video and in all the music. He was a huge help as it is quite a physical feat to pull this off. I hope you enjoy this.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Light & The Longing - solo harp piece

Greetings from San Francisco everyone.
Its been a busy summer of concerts and festivals. I just wanted to post a sample of a recent show at the Coffee Gallery in Alta Dena, California.
I also wanted to dedicate this piece to my Grandmother Margaret Hughes who left this world on Monday night. She was 93. An incredible woman who traveled the world often by herself up to just a few years ago. She shared with me her fierce independence and love for Matazlan, Mexico and now I will carry on her tradition of keeping a time share there which I'll visit yearly. Here she is, and here is the song.